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Hunan minstrong Technology Co., Ltd, which located in Changsha, Hunan Province, is a diversified technology enterprise, integrating development, production and sales. The products involve carbon monoxide catalysts, ozone decomposition catalysts, VOC treatment catalysts, Hopcalite catalyst, manganese dioxide, copper oxide and other kinds of catalyst materials. Catalysts are widely used in industrial and mining gas protection, refuge chambers, industrial exhaust gas treatment, petrochemicals, water treatment, medical disinfection, electronic information, semiconductor and other industries. Minstrong catalysts are sold all over the world, providing professional products and services for domestic and foreign customers. The core team of Minstrong is from Zhejiang University, Southeast University and Shanghai High-level Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. “Three high” concepts, high management efficiency, high product quality, high quality service, and creating value for global customer are the principles Minstrong has been insisted.



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